The Mirror


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released December 9, 2008

All songs produced & performed by NOEAZY
All songs written by Hyungki Kim and Gursong Chris Yoo
Track 1~5 recorded by SungHo Kim & mixed by SangHyun Cho
Track 6~7 recorded & mixed by Mingyun Jung
Track 1~5 recorded & mixed at MOL studio 2008 & home
Track 6~7 recorded & mixed at Soundpark 2008
All songs mastered at MOL studio 2008
All artworks by NOEAZY
All photographs by Kyounglee Park & Seunghoon Lee



all rights reserved


NOEAZY Daejeon, South Korea

Korean Metalcore band "NOEAZY"
Vocal: Gursong Chris Yoo
Bass : Hayoung Aska Cho
Drum: Yuna Kang
Guitar: Hyungki Kim
Guitar: Jungjun Park

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Track Name: Significant Defect
Grand collapse!
We encountered
A crisis!
We're in a deep shit
Lies, lies, lies, lies!
I know your plan

이것은 예견된 미래
돌이킬수 없는 어제
피흘리는 오늘
피할 수 있었던 사이클
Here's the middle of land of living dead
Who's zombies and who's killing?
Is that a protest or a massacre?
Who's controlling and who's sacrificing?
... is a fucked up ideal concept
Watch your back watch your front
Way too strong enemies
We're too weak

We're about to fall
We even don't know where we are (where we are)
We're about to divide
We even don't know who we fight (who we fight)
The significant defect is you

There will be no regrets even if we die alone
Blind zombies will die for justice tonight
Track Name: The Scent of Death
Inhale this air of death
Confront your death, it's in front of you
This place is full of death
Only fragments of death, which belong to you
구원을 외치는 자여
이 죽음의 냄새가 느껴지는가
죽음의 냄새는 공기의 냄새와 같아서
느끼진 못하지만 없으면 못산다

죽음의 냄새를 느껴봐
너의 집, 너의 직장, 너의 학교, 심지어는
너의 옆에있는 사람마저 죽음의 냄새를 내뿜고 있다
삶과 죽음이 종이 한장 차이라는 걸 생각해본 적 있나
넌 곧 죽을거야
나도 곧 죽을거야
허나 누군가는 태어나고
죽음으로 삶이 있다
Inhale this scent
Can't you feel this scent of death surrounding you
The distance between life and death is so close
So you let you die, which will bring new life

God doesn't provide salvation
Even if there's god
Death always sneaks around you
and takes you down the earth suddenly

Greater love has no one than this,
that he lay down his life for his friends
You are my friends if you do what I command
(John 15:13-14)
You're gonna die
I'm gonna die
But someone's gonna see the light
So death brings life
Track Name: Brave
Fire in my eyes burns your pain
Here comes the almighty
In this world of evil
Here comes the judgement

잠든 자들이여 일어나라
너의 심장에 불을 지펴라
자유와 진리는 용기있는 자만의 것이다
두려움을 벗삼아라

All against the odds
All against the lies

Face what's happening in here
Weren't you ignoring in fear?
Speak out what's in your mind
We've been shut up for so long

너의 뒤엔 내가 있다

In this fucking world of cowards
History is moving backwards
I've come to provoke ourselves
This is a time for veto

All against the fucking odds
All against the fucking lies
Never bend over to fucking liars
Show them the power of truth
Show no mercy
I'll make you brave
Track Name: Manipulated Memories
수십년의 고난의 세월동안
모든것이 감추어지고 지워진 땅에서
손가락 사이로 물이 새어나오듯
서서히 드러나는 진실들의 흐름은
마치 강을 이루듯 거대해져만 간다
The truth's gone
But the memories are still alive in our broken souls
The memories are still alive in our broken souls
The manipulated memories are still alive in our broken souls
Your drastic effort to control the world
made us shiver and barely left a trace
We remember that we knew but couldn't speak anything
cause we were alive but dead
In these skulls and bloodstains
the truth is still crying for judgement and justice
and freedom of speech
Track Name: Beside You
Sickest day
when you were fallen on the ground
things beside you were
your bleeding comrade
and dreaming cold body
Transparent beasts and shapeless monsters
ate all the lights and thoughts
Darkness dominated
Evil took all

The first rule of winning was
"Stab before you get stabbed"

We've got only one shot
Stab before you get stabbed
I'm beside you and you're beside me
Thrust their belly
and let our friends rest in peace
Thrust their flesh and guts
Let their blood soak my face

Darkest day
when you were fallen on the ground
things beside you were
your bleeding comrade
and rotting swollen body

Lifeless meaning and meaningless life
We're in a swamp of blood (oh swamp of blood)
Kill or be killed in this swamp of blood
(this swamp of blood)
A friend becomes an enemy
An enemy remains the enemy
I'm beside you and you're beside me
Track Name: Crimson Tomorrow (Remastered)
Beginning of disaster
Marching of the deads from seven times of the pain under
Insanity, ignorance, and pain summoned them
Which make the perfection

World is on fire
Forest turns into river of cyanide came from greedy masturbation
Fog in my eyes becoming flames, angels and devils in disguise
Just wandering in fear

Devil's night comes, sun goes down
Shedding blood, shedding blood
Dead men walking, dead men walking
Tomorrow is crimson

Ashes of pain cover the ground
Panic spreads out whole world
Dragging us to three decades ago (revival of the age)
Depletion of mind, death of thoughts
Philosophy exterminated
No salvation, here, advent of the sorrow

Wake up the dead
This is the end, the end

Age of sorrow
Innocence falls to ground
No salvation
Wake up the dead
Track Name: Monarch (Remastered)
Our precious blood
Our own royality
It's our pride, dignity
We must keep our monarch

무엇으로 살았나
코앞만 보고 살았나
우리의 인생에 빛은 있었나
인생의 전쟁터에 너의 힘은 무엇이었나
우린 주인이었나
인생을 지배해왔나
그저 파도에 휩쓸려온건가
인생의 바다에서 너의 꿈은 무엇이었나

We must dominate our lives, we must dominate this fuckin world
All things should be under our decisive power
Our dreams, our wish, our success depend on ourselves
Take your pride and dignity, take your arms and bullets in your hands

넌 긍지가 있나
네 눈은 살아있는가
살아남기위한 의지가 있는가
인생의 가시밭길 너 자신은 무엇이었나

To keep monarch
Our drowning monarch!!
We must save him from a ditch
We must reinstate him
Our dying monarch!!
We must feed our pride
and dignity to him

Our dignity is our power that leads our lives
To keep dignity is our lifelong obligation
Can you hear that stern order commanded by him
We must follow monarch, and we must obey our own monarch
Keep monarch